So we are into are fifth week of lock down and some of us will be getting stiff and achy now with reduced exercise, tension, stress and worry, or working from home and missing our hobbies.

I am not used to working so much at the computer so my back’s definitely letting me know I need to change position and stretch more. I’ve also been painting stables, gates, and garden furniture so I’m getting a bit of tennis elbow too, good job I know what to do.

Luckily I am otherwise healthy, not had any viral symptoms, I am still able to walk my dogs and the weather has been generally good so that’s a blessing.

Wanted to let you all know that we are still here to help and us physios are really missing the clients, it seems so strange to not have the normal daily routine and not be connecting face to face with people right now but we have all adapted to working remotely and doing video consultations so that’s good.


If you are in pain or injured and need our advice we are still here, even though we can’t be in the same room with you unfortunately. As you understand this has to be at the moment to keep us all safe and limit the spread of this nasty virus.

Joanne, Sally and Emma can offer you online physiotherapy via video or if you prefer telephone. I know we will all miss the hands on physio part, but with Covid-19 that’s not an option at the moment so here’s letting you know what we can do. With the internet and access to technology like laptops, tablets and smart phones we can carry out thorough assessments and provide treatment plans which can benefit you just as much as standard face to face care. Some of you may be doing ok but need to progress your rehab following surgery and not want to wait until lockdown ends which could be detrimental to your recovery. Some people maybe in pain due to arthritis, or like me hurt themselves overdoing the gardening and painting or DIY. You may be running or cycling and overdone it and have issues. We can really help, the biggest part of our job has always been to educate, reassure and provide a plan of advice and exercises to help you all help yourselves, and there are a lot of other benefits too from video or telephone consults :

For example:

  • No travelling to an appointment saving you time and expense
  • Carried out in the convenience of your own home just find a private room to take the call
  • We can offer convenient appointments and get you fast access to an appointment quicker than normally at a time to suit you
  • Research studies have shown online physio to be just as effective as standard physiotherapy with high patient satisfaction levels
  • Due to reduced overheads we can offer this at a cheaper rate so saving you money
  • Initial consultation 45 minutes £25, follow up consultation 30 minutes £20
  • We can send you exercise programmes and advice following your consultation and are only an email or text away if you have any questions
  • If you have health insurance almost all providers are now covering video or telephone consults

So don’t put off sorting out your existing issues or any new injuries until after this is all over, give us a call or drop us an email for more information.
If you are an existing client and its not a new issue and so only need a quick short appointment and so less than 30 minutes we can agree a reduced fee on a case by case basis.

I hope you are all keeping well, safe and sane during this unusual time and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kindest Regards

Jo, Bev, Sally, Emma and Keely
1st 4 Physiotherapy


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